discover a smarter way of working

Forward thinking companies are capitalising on the freedom provided by today’s technology and re-designing their workspaces to provide their people with greater flexibility in the way they work.

This smarter way of working is delivering increases in productivity and staff retention rates, while at the same time benefitting health, the environment and the bottom line!

Effective design for an activity-based workplace (ABW) provides a diverse, flexible environment that uses all the space efficiently providing room for transparency and communication, concentration and acoustics.


These areas engender group thinking and knowledge sharing whether informally over coffee or lunch, or in a more structured manner.

Communication areas may include couches for casual discussion while standing work locations to help promote correct posture and circulation – not to mention make your meetings shorter and more effective!

Our focus is on providing an engaging, inspiring environment to make your working life more enjoyable. Our approach is to apply the time pre-design to understand how your business works, engage your key stakeholders and understand their perspective on what is required. This collaboration of designer and end-user is the key to a successful end result.

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